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Keeping up to date with breaking news while you're on the move is simply by Nation Mobile News alerts serivces. With our profressional team of editors and journalists from Nation, Krungthep Thurakij and Kom Chad Luek working around the clock to keep you inform of nation and international events and issues.

Service Format Price / month Mobile Network
Nation's Breaking News Receive the breaking news and hot news daily 49 Baht Press *424000111 Press *622*1#
The Nation News News and event from The Nation Newspaper 49 Baht Press *424000211 Press *622*4#
Enjoy English with NJ Enjoy English with NJ Team 29 Baht Press *424000511 Press *622*5#
Krungthep Turakij's Breaking News Economic / Financial News and Event 49 Baht Press *424000311 Press *622*2#
Kom Chad Luek's Breaking News Pursuing to every events and issues 29 Baht Press *424000611 Press *622*3#
Nation Oil Alert Oil price rises very often. Stay tune with the latest change via SMS Oil Alert 1 Baht per message Press *42405011 Press *622*8#
Thaivisa The best Thaivisa Thread of the day and The Nation English Breaking News 49 Baht Press *424010011 -